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Are you a paralegal from a legal firm handling dozens of translation requests per week? Are you liaising with multiple freelance translators and agencies at a time to secure the best rate? Are you tired of spending hours deciphering unintelligible translations? Are you looking for a partner you can trust and obtain a quote from within an hour? Look no further.

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By hiring Katya Roberts you gain more than a linguist. You acquire a partner.

If you are a legal firm looking for a reliable translator to provide you with instant quotes and submit commissioned work before the deadline, Katya will not only deliver a high-quality translation, but also recommend a suitable replacement if she is not available. 

If you are an SME developing a contract for a new supplier, Katya won't just translate the provided content, but also edit the original where applicable to ensure compliance with the norms of the English and Russian languages.

If you need content for SEO, Katya will not only provide copy writing but also recommendations on other ways to increase your website's visibility.

If you are a scientist planning to publish your paper in a leading academic journal, Katya will not only edit it to ensure high-quality of the content but will support you all the way until it appears in the desired media.



We found Katya to be flexible, reliable, responsive and efficient. She quickly grasped the relevant issues and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex de Jongh, Senior Associate, Bates Wells Braithwaite

I like to work with Katya because the quality of the translation is remarkable, she always delivers in time and it is quite good value for money.

Tatiana Menshenina, Partner, Withers LLP

We would like to thank you for being able to provide high-quality translation of a large amount of complicated legal and technical content in a limited timeframe.

Natalie Osadciw-Louth, Senior Solicitor, DWF

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