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LinkedIn Group for Russian Translators and Interpreters in the UK

30 July 2015

Today, I started an independent professional LinkedIn Group for Russian translators and interpreters in the UK. The idea to set up this group occurred to me after hours of browsing the internet looking for a partner in my vicinity when I realised that there was no unified directory of Russian translators and interpreters in the UK. There are separate lists of members of ITI and CIoL. There are plenty of websites (i.e. offering access to their database of linguists in return for a subscription but this information is not being updated regularly. On LinkedIn, however, we all keep our details up to date. I have seen numerous LinkedIn groups for Russian translators but none of them offer a well organised, timely moderated, geographically bound and user-friendly system for finding high-caliber translators and interpreters in our region.

The objective of this group is to create a forum that will not only be useful to linguists locally, but will also develop and adjust subject to the needs of its members. To ensure high quality of the discussion I have limited membership criteria to three. To find out more, please go to this link.



We found Katya to be flexible, reliable, responsive and efficient. She quickly grasped the relevant issues and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex de Jongh, Senior Associate, Bates Wells Braithwaite

I like to work with Katya because the quality of the translation is remarkable, she always delivers in time and it is quite good value for money.

Tatiana Menshenina, Partner, Withers LLP

We would like to thank you for being able to provide high-quality translation of a large amount of complicated legal and technical content in a limited timeframe.

Natalie Osadciw-Louth, Senior Solicitor, DWF

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