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Are you a paralegal from a legal firm handling dozens of translation requests per week? Are you liaising with multiple freelance translators and agencies at a time to secure the best rate? Are you tired of spending hours deciphering unintelligible translations? Are you looking for a partner you can trust and obtain a quote from within an hour? Look no further.

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Translation is the communication of the meaning of a source-language text by means of an equivalent target-language text.

With the increasing expansion of businesses from all over the world to CIS, they are now facing the need to manage communication with partners and clients in Russian. Although many professionals from companies originating from CIS now tend to speak English, involving professional translators in the development of technical and contractual documentation from early stages of collaboration ensures high quality of the documents combined with full compliance with local law, norms of style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and other nuances of the target language. 

Below is a list of samples of documents that Katya Roberts translates:



  • affidavit
  • witness statement
  • victim statement
  • defendant's email correspondence
  • deed of grant
  • treaty
  • mutual finance agreement
  • meeting notes
  • letter of engagement
  • voluntary partial waiver of rights
  • presentation
  • articles of association
  • claim form
  • particulars of claim


Architecture & Сonstruction

  • tender documentation
  • brief
  • scope of works
  • schedule of payments
  • agreement
  • invoice, VAT invoice, consignment note
  • project documentation
  • drawing
  • technical and budget documentation
  • operation manual
  • paper on a subject of your interest



  • agreement
  • balance sheet
  • accounting report
  • business statistics
  • marketing research
  • bank documents (reports, bank statement)
  • auditor’s report
  • feasibility studies
  • tender documentation
  • business plan
  • invoice, VAT invoice, consignment note
  • profit and loss statement


Oil and gas

  • exploration documentation
  • erection documentation
  • tender documentation
  • project and operation documentation
  • manual
  • regulations
  • content for websites


Medicine & Pharmacy

  • medical report
  • medical certificate
  • discharge summary
  • insurance policy
  • scientific paper
  • operation notes
  • out-patient medical record
  • pharmaceutical certificate
  • regulatory documents on quality control
  • clinical research on medicinal drugs
  • presentation
  • study book
  • production process description


Marketing and PR

  • market research
  • media monitoring report
  • case study
  • conference proceedings
  • conference paper
  • conference presentation
  • competitor performance report
  • research paper
  • academic paper
  • media article
  • press release
  • Q&A
  • questionnaire
  • catalogue
  • event script


We found Katya to be flexible, reliable, responsive and efficient. She quickly grasped the relevant issues and was a pleasure to work with.

Alex de Jongh, Senior Associate, Bates Wells Braithwaite

I like to work with Katya because the quality of the translation is remarkable, she always delivers in time and it is quite good value for money.

Tatiana Menshenina, Partner, Withers LLP

We would like to thank you for being able to provide high-quality translation of a large amount of complicated legal and technical content in a limited timeframe.

Natalie Osadciw-Louth, Senior Solicitor, DWF

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